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Na Jaane Kabse Review

There are eight people in the theatre watching just one show of the day at PVR, Phoenix Mills. Six leave after the intermission. They came back with popcorns hoping things would change. I had no choice but to sit through the entire length and the other gentleman, I guess, was too befuddled to even move from his seat.

Another film, which one has to ‘Be Careful’ of, like ‘Rascals’!. This film, too, has no script, no acting nor any direction. Actually, it has nothing! The plot is so convoluted that it will take a three-year-old to tell you what’s missing. Some characters are conveniently placed in scenes that have no relevance to them and the lead pair meet in such a foolish, absurd, absolutely senile scene that you wonder what director Pammi Somal was thinking.

C’mon guys, if you are bored at least respect the craft of film-making and have some sense in the story before lifting it from the storyboard.

There’s a girl who is on the run; why we don’t know. A boy who bumps into her after running from his own wedding. They decide to ‘act’ married so that the boy who supposedly owns a hotel, can publicize it. The girl, who he has just met a minute ago, agrees. Whoa! There, they conveniently meet the girl’s father who is more a joker and less a father. How and why he landed there is not established. Why he behaves like an idiot, no one knows. That’s Sharat Saxena, essaying the worst role of his career. We also see Lilette Dubey and Anju Mahendroo. Lilette has some property which she hands over to a developer, while Anju is selling flowers by the roadside in one scene. She is paid Rs 3,000 for two bouquets! And she shamelessly accepts it!!

We are left wondering what to make of this whole farce that is supposedly a film.


Shakal Pe Mat Ja Review


This is a movie on terrorist and terrorism. Supposedly, a soft take. A comedy of sorts. There’s Omama, and Al Baquaida. There are also humorous references to airplanes and its use in terror attacks. All very good. But the line of humour is so amateurish that it borders on the absurd.

Four young boys get caught up as suspects at the Delhi international airport, on a high alert day. They get caught while capturing an American Airlines aircraft landing on their handycam, which they claim to have shot for a documentary that they are working on.

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Their explanation is not satisfactory hence they are brought into the interrogation room of the International airport to be questioned by the higher authorities. From here on the film spirals down with the speed of an airplane, as soon the entire airport is full of suspects. The four guys make no impact; neither can they salvage the situation with their acting as all four appear forced with their lines and situations.

Even Saurabh Shukla, as the ATS Chief, tries hard but fails. What more could he have done with such weak a script. Zakir Hussain as Omama, too, is wasted. Stuck in a study room with the map of the world in the background he is left mouthing inanities, which is rather baffling. Guess, he too, like most Mumbaikars has EMI’s to pay!

Speaking of script, it has been credited to Shubh Mukherjee, who incidentally is also the director and the lead actor.

Of late, we have had films like LOOT and MILEY NAA MILEY HUM and BE-CAREFUL. SHAKAL PE MAT JA is one of those!




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